Get ready for your first day!

What to Expect

Day camp begins each morning at 9:00 and ends at 4:00 each afternoon. Campers may come as early as 8:45 and leave as late as 4:15. We also offer early and late care as well. (For info on early/late care click HERE) Campers are assigned to teams with other kids by age and gender. Kids of all church backgrounds are welcome to participate.

After a brief meeting in their team rooms (divided up by grade and gender), campers enjoy the all-camp Opening Rally with great music, skits, games and lots of fun. While at the Rally, campers enjoy the daily “Wake-Up Call” with its noisy team competition. It’s a great way to start the day. The rest of the day is divided into different activities (we call them “acts” like in a play) where campers will enjoy crafts, the water slide, character-building Bible studies, and team fun. There’s a short Closing Rally at the end. Kids will enjoy some activities with the entire camp and others with just their teams.

As we do each year, we’ve added lots of new activities for every interest and ability. All activities are age-appropriate and enjoyable for the campers. Camp becomes a family as kids “hang out” with friends and learn to love and appreciate their counselors and the camp staff. Your kids will look forward to each new day.

Kids will enjoy a free period where they rotate to our different game rooms, morning cartoons, as well as use their snack plan to purchase breakfast if needed.

Campers gather in their team rooms to meet their counselors and fellow campers on their team. At this time they’ll order their lunch, get their name tag and get ready for the day.

All of our kids will gather together to start the day off with singing, wild and crazy games, skits and a lot more. It’s the perfect way to get you excited and ready for the day. Each day we’ve got a little something special planned. You might be selected to try the “Impossible Shot” where you could win a $100 shopping spree, or perhaps you’ll get to take on “The Cage” to become the Ultimate Kid at Camp. Whatever happens, you know it’ll be a blast.

Each team will rotate through all of our acts throughout the day. The order of their schedule changes day to day, but here’s an idea of what each act looks like:

  • Snack – Come and hang out in the Parking Deck where you can get a snack and hang out with your friends. You can check out one of games from our huge game collection, play a song on the juke box and dance along, take a spin on our Hummer arcade machine or just chill with your friends. It’s snack time, but it’s so much more.
  • Slides – There’s no better way to beat the heat than to slip down one of our awesome water slides, and we’ve got three! Cruise on down the “Twin Falls” with a friend and see who gets to the bottom first, take the plunge on “The Goliath,” a 24 foot monster of a slide, or take it easy with our “Party Zone.” It’s a sweet bounce house with a waterslide that comes out the top, just perfect for our little campers.
  • Game Time – Get ready to compete in some wacky games. We’ve got tons of fun in store as we race, run, build, slide, swing, jump, yell, scoot, swish, slam and cheer. It’s a great time each day to help your team earn Team of the Week.
  • Lunch – We’ve got an awesome kitchen staff that’s cooking up something special just for you. If you have a meal plan or you brought your lunch, we’ll have a good time eating and hanging out. *Lunch times are between 11:00-12:45. If the team has an morning snack time, their lunch will be the later shift and vice-versa.
  • DYI – Let your creative juices flow in our craft shop. We’re not just making silly stuff; you’ll get the chance to make some really neat art. If you like to create and use your hands this’ll be the best part of your day.
  • Team Time – We’ve got a special part of the day set aside for just you and your team. You’ll get to spend some time getting know each other, playing together and learning all about how cool your teammates are.

Each team will head back to their team room to gather their stuff for the day and get ready to go.

If you plan to pick up your child at the normal end time, you may pull through carpool beginning at 3:30 to pick up your camper. If you arrive before 3:30, please either park in a parking spot and come inside to get your child or wait in the line for carpool to begin. Carpool continues through the end of late show (5:45 p.m.) As a reminder, there is a no pick up zone between 3:15 -3:30 as we transition all of our campers into the afternoon activity to begin carpool.

At the end of the day we’ll all get back together to wrap things up with some awards and a few more crazy games; that’ll be the perfect ending to the day.

As kids are leaving throughout the afternoon we’ve got a fun free time where kids can play in the different game rooms and are free to hang out with their friends while they wait for their parents to come.

Team Structure

  • Counselors are assigned to a particular team. Each team has a captain (head counselor) and counselors to oversee the team. Each team has three-four staff members. Our staff is made up of around 120 members each summer.
  • Many of the staff you see are our volunteers called “The Elite”. The elite members are in 9th-10th grade. They help support our paid staff as our paid staff are overseeing your child.
  • Our paid staff ranges from juniors in high school to adults. Each team consists of three-four counselors. The camper/counselor ratio is 7 to 1. For younger teams, the ratio is smaller. The captain (leader) of each team is college age or older. We also have leaders for each activity station.
  • Those directors are also either college age or older. To be hired as a staff member (volunteer and paid), they must fill out an extensive application, give several references, spend at least four days of training, and read a 75 page manual. They must also take a test (and make an A) on the training material. All captains are also certified in CPR and the administering of an epi-pen. All staff members (18 and older) must also have a background check.