Camp Adventure Policies


  • PICK-UP PASSES:  You must have a Camp Adventure Pick-Up Pass with you when you pick up your child. This is for your child’s safety. We realize that to some this may seem like an inconvenience, especially if you have been here years before and we “know you,” but our biggest commitment at camp is the safety of our kids and we want to honor that through these policies. If you do not have the pick-up pass with you, please park and come inside. We will ask to see your ID. If someone else is picking up your child who will NOT have your pick-up pass and you know this ahead of time, please email the front desk staff at . Include your camper’s name and who will be picking up your child. If we have this documented, they may pick up your child in the carpool line. If you have a situation in which there are individuals who should not at any point pick up your child, please e-mail us at so we can help partner with you in handling the situation. If you need additional passes for other people picking up your child, you may request those by emailing us at

  • PICKING UP EARLY: If you are picking your child up early (before carpool at 3:30) and want your child to be ready at a certain time, you may call 978-9308 or email, and we will have your child ready at the front door. If you call ahead of time, you may just pull up in front of camp. If you have not contacted us ahead of time concerning an early dismissal for your child, please park and come inside. Our carpool area is not to be blocked. Please know that if you come early to pick up your child without calling ahead it may take some time to retrieve your child since many of our activities are taking place all over our campus. If you are headed to an appointment and are in a hurry, it’ll help us get them quicker if you call ahead. Please note, there is a no pick up zone from 3:15-3:30 daily. Plan accordingly.

  • NO PICK UP: Campers are not to be picked up between 3:15-3:30 as we are transitioning to carpool. Access to our facilities will be closed during this time. Our normal carpool line will open at 3:30 while our drop off areas opened from 9:15-3:15 will be closed.
  • DROPPING OFF LATE: If your child is arriving late to camp and you do not need to order lunch, you do not need to let us know ahead of time. Feel free to email your child’s team leaders to let them know. If you need to order lunch and are arriving after 9:15 a.m., send the food director your child’s order at The only exception to this is if your child is 6th-8th grade. If it is a Tuesday or Thursday, your child’s team may be going off campus for their field trip and would not want to miss it. Email your child’s team leader in advance or call if you think your child will be arriving after 9:45 a.m. on those days.


In order to register for a week, you must pay the deposit fee of $30 per week you plan to reserve. The balance will be charged to your account on the Tuesday morning before the week you plan to attend. You must cancel by the Monday before that week you reserved in order to not be charged the balance for that week (at least one week in advance). Deposits are non-refundable. In order to cancel a week, you must email by 11:59 P.M. on the Monday before that week. We must have this in writing. You will not be able to cancel through the system.


Participation in the camp is a privilege, not a right. In order to participate in camp, children must be able to successfully function in a large-group, community setting. While all children make mistakes while growing up, for the safety of our campers we cannot accommodate children who do not or will not properly relate to authority, show respect for other campers/staff or submit themselves to camp rules and policies. For Jr. Adventure, all campers must be potty trained in order to attend. 


If your child needs to take medication during the day or has emergency medication, please bring the medication to the front desk. At that time, we will give you a form to fill out and include with the medication. You may also email to receive the form ahead of time.


Our staff is made up of around 120 members each summer. Many of the staff you see are our volunteers called “The Elite”. The elite members are in 9th-10th grade. They help support our paid staff as our paid staff are overseeing your child. Our paid staff ranges from juniors in high school to adults. Each team consists of three-four counselors. The camper/counselor ratio is 8 to 1. For younger teams, the ratio is smaller. The captain (leader) of each team is college age or older. We also have leaders for each activity station. Those directors are also either college age or older. To be hired as a staff member (volunteer and paid), they must fill out an extensive application, give several references, spend at least four days of training, and read a 75 page manual. They must also take a test (and pass) on the training material. All captains are also certified in CPR and the administering of an epi-pen. All staff members (18 and older) must also have a background check.